Kinfolk Magazine - Issue Twelve

Kinfolk Magazine - Issue Twelve


The Saltwater Issue

The summer edition of Kinfolk explores one of the oldest and most universal seasonings and its natural habitat: the sea. As the temperature rises, so does our impulse to immerse ourselves in the ocean, along with the stories, culture and food that come with it. We invite you to grab a towel, dip your toes in and enjoy our summer issue.

Kinfolk Issue Twelve includes such stories as:
· Writing the Waves: an essay looking into John Steinbeck’s relationship with the sea
· The Salt and Vinegar Menu: a simple menu based on the classic flavor combination
· South American photo essays: photographers guide us through Peru’s salt ponds and Bolivia’s salted desert
· What I Learned From the Sea: an interview with Mark Kurlansky
· High-rise Harvest: a profile of a rooftop salt harvester in Manhattan
· A Whiter Shade of Pale: The pale person’s guide to enduring the sun
· How to Be Neighborly: The Seaside Edition
· A Culinary Salt Roundtable: we listen to a number of chefs, food writers and others talk about the ubiquitous tabletop seasoning
· Essays on why we are lured to the sea, whale songs, being a failed fisherman, our fear of the ocean and the case for crying
· Profiles on a sandcastle master, salt guru Mark Bitterman and historical notes on taffy and British seaside towns
· Recipes for Fish Tacos, Modern Snow Cones, Salted Honey Pie and even a guide to catching and eating squid

“We encourage you to walk—or swim—away from this issue with the inclination to get outside and revel in the tastes and feelings of summer.” —Nathan Williams (editor in chief) and Georgia Frances King (editor)

DETAILS 144 pages, offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper. Printed in Canada.

Date of publication: June 3, 2014.